Jun 08

Drunken Straight Boys Gay sex on cam

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Jun 08

Ayush Hunk: Will Be Ofline 20 Days

SORRY GUYS I WILL BE OFF FOR FEW DAYS DEW TO OME ISSUE WILL BE BACK SOON MISS U ALL GUYS LOVE @ BE WITH U ALL….TWITTER-ayushunkiller…..JOIN FANCLUB FOR EXCLUSIVE OFFERS N MORE…Hi Fans Tippers N My lovely friends …..thanks for supporting my show ….hope u all stay well and may god blesses u all…keep watching me and my show…there are VOD’s available to buy…check them out …don’t forget to post reviews if u enter my page…..boost will be very helpful to me…fav me love…….pls help me so that i can provide a better show……love 2 play with me come in my room and watch me out……I DO TAKE REQUESTS the way u demand….I am the Asian guy from India is here for some money and pleasure is always in my hobby…i love to play with dildo and love the guys who can seduce me so talk to me when u r in my room ….i love the way all fans tippers and all have supported and treated me..i like very much to make and get some to get some naughty and hornier stuffs ….help me as i am still learning about this site….u must visit me get the reviews on boost me and all ..i love 2 be in private…c2c r welcome…love u all ….thanks ….kisses….muaaahh…rate me

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Jun 08

Tyler Platinum: First Entry Log

So today I’m going to start keeping a blog about my experiences on this website. So far I was off to a very slow start. My first day, I was on for 8 hours and had lots of views but got nothing. 2nd day I was on for about 6 hours and was starting to get sad and disappointed but then I finally received my first credits along with a powerboost score. Then a bunch of people started to follow me and I had more traffic to my videos. I was beginning to have the same customers coming back to me from day 1 and onwards and was beginning to establish more personal connections. 3rd day I was pretty sad because my new job that I started working at, they fired me because I was offered and signed a set amount for my hourly rate and when I got my paycheck, I saw that I was actually making 3 dollars less than what was agreed. I complained for very good reason but I was also expendable to them and they could easily find someone to do the job less, so they didn’t bother correcting it and fired me instead.So I spend most of the day in my house working out and talking to other cam models and my friend who originally got me into cam modeling. He is a body builder and he has been training me to build and gain mass for 10 weeks. I’m currently on my 2nd week and have showno some improvements. Later thathat night, I decided to cam again.This time I only did it for 4 hours cause I felt that my setup was not professional enough and I felt more insecure because most of the other guys I saw on here look really damn good and had some great performances and I’m not at that level of confidence yet since I am only just starting out myself for the very first time in my life.Today I also had my first 20 minute private chat session with one of my customers. It was longer than I expected and I thought that I should feel lucky if I even got 1 private 1 minute show with someone. I was very happy about that. It was a first experience for me but it turned out pretty well and I know more of what to do and try for next time. I was also rewarded 2500 powerscore boost from the same person, so those were the biggest highlights of my time on here so far. After that, I stood in chat for a while longer. More people came to talk and flirt, but there was no other luck to be had. But that was fine with me because I did pretty good compared to my other days. So I just stood on and talked more to others. But it was pretty late around 2am so I logged off for the day and checked my stats and rode somewhere and only just came back. Still haven’t slept yet. I really should, but I keep procrastinating and doing other things instead like deciding to make a blog on here.

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